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Products > Polymer Li-ion Battery > chaobo dc > OSUN 061148-3.7V-220MAHlithium polymer battery OR UL
Product name : OSUN 061148-3.7V-220MAHlithium polymer battery OR UL
Item : 061148
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       Osun Austrian spin lithium-ion battery production base in Zhuhai main Olympic spin -Osun Industrial Park , 
standardized plant 22,000 square meters , more than 10 million units per day , Osun spin Austrian companies 
to follow the development of lithium-ion battery market to provide customers with high-performance high stability
products .
       Osun Austrian spin lithium ion, lithium ion polymer battery capacity in a single design 50mAh-15000mAh. 
Thickness from 1mm-20mm, mainly cylindrical, square, button cell, according to UL, CE and other safety
certification standards, we do a collision , overcharge , short circuit, nail wear and burning experiment , some 
even in improper conditions of use , battery can be used safely.
Key Features:
● Long life: Under normal conditions of use , Osun Austrian spin cell cycle more than 500 times.
● high-rate discharge performance : Under Austrian spin charging conditions Osun company policy , Battery 1 
hour to sufficient , able to use more than 10C
Current discharge.
● Wide temperature range : in the high temperature environment , stable battery performance , operating
temperature range of -10 ℃ -70 ℃.
● Storage performance: at room temperature (20 ± 5 ℃), battery storage a month after its capacity remains 
above 70 %.
● Use safety devices is not the time : Canadian Chemical protection against reverse polarity , over-discharge ;
increase safety relief valves , reducing irregularities in the use of the internal           pressure .
● High stability : Osun spin Austrian company uses the best materials , advanced production techniques,
technology , making the stable battery performance, and reliability.
Main purpose :
   Communications equipment: mobile phones , PHS phones , Bluetooth phones , walkie-talkies
   Information equipment: laptop , PDA, portable fax machines, printers
   Audiovisual equipment : digital cameras, camcorders , portable DVD, VCD
   Other: electric bicycles, miner

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