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QQ: 1735913310

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Shenzhen osun new energy Co., Ltd. is one of the largest battery manufacturers in China, mainly the production of polymer lithium ion, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, lithium manganese, lithium thionyl chloride, environmental protection, finished such as batteries and chargers, is the most complete variety of battery manufacturers in China. Founded in 2001, more than 10 years of experience in the battery industry, osun provide customers with a complete series of products, from batteries to the finished battery packs, including fully meet ingcustomer requirements.

       osun has two modern production bases and covering a total area of  more than 180,000 square meters, employees of more than 3,000, the daily output of over 700,000. Our  products sell well  in the United States, Germany, Japan , Canada, Britain, France and more than 50 countries and regions, and  we won their  trust and praise. osun believe that quality is the fundamental enterprise development, the company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 system to establish and improve their own quality assurance system, to final product from raw material procurement, raw material inspection, process control and others have improved, systematic and scientific practices to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

       osun firmly believe that innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and then established a strong R & D efforts. The Hailei R & D department has more than 120 senior technicians, 5 integrated laboratory, but also cooperation with Tianjin University to establish a post-doctoral workstation, jointly established with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen City, rechargeable battery research center. Fully absorb the most advanced technology to develop new products, to ensure that the products can meet market and customer requirements, to consolidate osun leadership position in the battery industry.

        osun adhere to the humane management and employees as the company's most valuable resources, adhere to the staff to provide the best working environment and development space to ensure that the common progress and development of businesses and employees to achieve a win-win situation; concerned about environmental protection and safety for the sustainable development of human society to contribute to demonstrate social responsibility.

       Good quality, timely delivery, perfect service and competitive prices, so Hailei battery has been the praise of domestic and foreign customers, and we would like to cooperate with you to develop a better future  within our utmost enthusiasm and effort .

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